ADR Goods Training

With a variety of driving jobs comes the responsibility of requiring to move and transport dangerous products and goods. ADR is the term that relates to the European Agreement governing the international transportation of dangerous products through road. It is an agreement between most of the European countries. In order to be able to transport dangerous goods by road you would need a valid VTC ADR certificate once you have attended a training course and successfully completed a set of examinations in a course approved by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA).

Pedley Training Solutions (PTS) Ltd is a recognised training center that provides a wide range of ADR training courses making drivers well equipped with the dos and don’ts when transporting dangerous goods. Our ADR training will give you the opportunity to fully appreciate and understand the danger related to the goods that are being carried via road. You will be further explained the duties that you are responsible for under the various pieces of significant legislation. Finally and most importantly, ADR training by our expert transport trainers will teach you what course of action you should take up in an emergency.

We offer a wide range of training to help you pursue your driving career. Movement and carriage of dangerous products and goods through road has invited various risks and dangers and by attending our ADR training courses, drivers will be able to reduce the difficulties and hazards to themselves and to other road users by following industry guidelines and health and safety legislation.

Taking our ADR course will help you to recognise the risks associated with transporting dangerous goods and thus prepare you for the SQA examinations. We ensure that at the end of our course you will be able to:
Identify and understand the dangers related with the transportation of hazardous substances in tankers and tank containers.

Know how to act and be prepared to take action in a situation of emergency when an incident occurs.