Drivers both LGV & PSV should remain up-to-date with the latest road policies. Among various organisations providing transport training, Pedley Training Solutions (PTS) is delivering quality training services to professional drivers.
At PTS, we provide several transport training courses including DCPC (Driver Certificate of Professional Competence). It is a training programme for all professional drivers, designed specifically to improve bus and lorry drivers’ knowledge and skills throughout their working life. The Government has made this training mandatory for all new and existing PCV (Passenger Carrying Vehicles) and LGV (Large Goods Vehicle) drivers. This training was introduced aiming to improve and maintain high standards of driving and road safety. DCPC training means that drivers now not only require a licence but also a Drivers Certificate of Professional Competence (DCPC) that is renewable every 5 years.
We offer a variety of DCPC training programmes across the UK, provided by our own team of industry experts led by Kim Pedley. With experience within the transport industry of more than 35 years, Kim Pedley has been able to build up a reputation as a trainer who is well-versed in working alongside and helping to develop drivers. Our training courses are certified and audited by the JAUPT (Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training). We offer range of JAUPT approved and an accredited course syllabus covering the LGV and PSV elements of the Driver CPC.
Drivers attending our training courses are sure to receive benefits including:

  • Flexibility and customer care service
  • Training nationwide
  • Flexible and cost effective training
  • Professional course notes, certificates and all administration
  • Prompt legal registration with the DSA
  • Training to work in the transport industry